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8 Intellectually Stimulating Masterpieces to Seek Out at TEFAF New York Fall 2017

Indicative of the diversity of artifacts on offer at TEFAF, this pair of rare gold bracelets date to 4th century Greece and would have been worn by a wealthy or aristocratic Greek woman. The pair is an example of the highest level of gold craftsmanship, characterized by incredible intricacy and attention to detail.

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Apollo Magazine
Highlight's from this year's Frieze Masters Fair

Ariadne Galleries' Egyptian bronze Apis Bull selected as a highlight of this year's Frieze Masters.

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Masterpiece Awards 2017
Outstanding Display of the Year

Ariadne Galleries wins the top award for Outstanding Display at this year's Masterpiece Fair. The stand was praised for its 'perfect marriage of objects and display, spanning the spectrum of classical antiquity and evoking shades of Greece'.

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Gagosian Magazine
Art above Politics

Ariadne Galleries Founder and Hermitage Museum Foundation Chairman Torkom Demirjian and Dr Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director of the Hermitage Museum, speak about the historical reach of the State Hermitage Museum's collections and the value of preserving art in spite of cultural politics.

Read the interview between Hermitage Director Dr Mikhail Piotrovsky and Mr Demirjian published in Gagosian Magazine this month.

image Bugari Salutes the Eternal City
Bugari Salutes the Eternal City

"The 131-year-old Italian jewelry house has long looked to Rome as a  source of reference for its fanciful and decidedly romantic designs."

" The exhibition features a sizable collection of similar mintage provided by the American Numismatic Society, including a “hoard” of coins bearing the profiles of late Roman emperors Arcadius and Honorious. In addition, Bulgari borrowed an assortment of Roman statues and torsos from Upper East Side antiquities purveyor Ariadne Galleries to complete the inspirational environment of the exhibition — further evidence that the Eternal City has been immortalized through its art."