American International Fine Art Fair 2012
February 03 - 12, 2012
Virtual Tour

Staci Sturrock of Palm Beach Post Interviews James Demirjian and Gregory Demirjian of Ariadne Galleries on collecting works from ancient civilizations Pieces of ancient history Visiting the spacious Ariadne Galleries booth – winding past the Roman stone mosaics, Greek terracotta vases and Alexandrian bronze vessels is like walking through a tiny museum."I can't tell you how many people have asked, 'Are these replicas?' But they're real," says James Demirjian. "Many people don't know that you can collect these." But those who do are typically curious types, he says. "This is a field where you can learn a great deal about culture, about geography, about civilization, just by studying the piece and where it came from." Demirjian has an affinity for classical Greek works. "There's something very beautiful about that vase" – gesturing toward a black figure amphora, with a battle-preparation scene on one side and a combat scene on the other – "or some of our Aphrodite sculptures. Something very pure about them." His brother Greg says he prefers art and artifacts from Byzantium, from the fifth century to the 12th century A.D. "The art is incredibly diverse," says Greg. The Demirjians were introduced to the ancient world early on. "We were born into this," James says. "Our father and our grandfather were coin collectors, and from there my father took it into the arts – not currency-collecting but sculptural and three-dimensional works." Works suitable, perhaps, for a museum of one's very own.