Red-Polished Jar
Period: Predynastic Period, Naqada II, 
circa 3500-3200 BC
Culture: Egyptian
Material: Pottery
Dimensions: 22.2 cm H
Red-Polished Jar
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Red-polished vessels were manufactured by the same artisans who were creating the black-topped varieties in Predynastic Egypt, and therefore the production and evolution of the type followed a similar timeline during the later centuries of Egyptian prehistory. While the black-topped technique was reserved primarily for open mouthed vessels, red-ware could be applied to a wider diversity of forms, leading to the establishment of more sophisticated shapes. At the same time, the fabric was also enhanced, not only in its composition – by mixing Nile alluvium with sand and other organic materials in order to harden the vessels – but by manipulating red ochre into a more highly polished and brighter surface.


Caroline Ransom Williams (1872-1952), Toledo, gifted to The Toledo Museum of Art, 1943, accession no. 1943.54.
Toledo Museum of Art, 1943-2016.